Extra Curricular Activities

3D printing & Rapid Prototyping

A little over three years ago I started with 3d printing as my end project during high school, I have been active in the 3d printing world ever since. In the summer of 2015 I started working at MakerPoint, a 3d printer reseller in the Netherlands. There I have gained a lot of experience with different 3d printers, mainly FDM and SLA. I have followed several trainings at Ultimaker and I am a certified Ultimaker support specialist for the Ultimaker Original(+) and Ultimaker 2(+).
At MakerPoint I expanded my knowledge about laser cutting besides and in combination with 3d printing. I have done a lot of production work with both of these technologies.

I use a lot of 3d printing and laser cutting for my studies as it gives me the possibility to prototype very quickly and try out different designs. In collaboration with Lucid, the study association of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology, I organized a workshop in 3d printing and designing with Fusion 360.

I have shared several models on Youmagine and MyMiniFactory. They are mostly designs I made when I just started out with 3d printing. I have a Craftbot Plus 3d printer that is available on 3D Hubs and that I use for most of my printing.

UNiD | External Relations

The UNiD is the magazine from Lucid, the study association of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University if Technology. We print three editions each year that feature internship experiences from students, articles about design and much more design related topics.

I have to functions at the UNiD. I am responsible for the external relations, this means I keep in contact with companies that advertise in the magazine and that we collaborate with. I like running a business and this gives me the opportunity to gain more experience in that field.

Next to external relations, I am also a member of the media team. Each edition I work on a few articles together with a writer and a graphic designer. My responsibility is to provide the visuals, photos in my case, that go along with the article. 

You can find all the UNiD issues at unid.lucid.cc, if you are interested in collaborating with the UNiD shoot me an email at unid@lucid.cc.

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Difficult Things Committee

At the Difficult Things Committee we do difficult things. This basically means that we solve all the tech related problems from other committees and the association. When a committee needs something they come to us. A lot of the projects we do are mostly focused on programming, but we also build prototypes and design visuals when necessary.
Every year Lucid organized a special drink, the token drink. During this drink all years compete against one another. In order to make this more fun we build a game to visualize how all the teams are doing.

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