Future – making (in) the future

In the summer I will continue with my final bachelor project together with my coach, Miguel Bruns, Troy Nachtigall, and Daniel Saakes to write a paper for CHI or a similar conference. We will develop the system I have created during my final bachelor project further to be able to present a novel contribution.

After finishing my bachelor degree, I will continue my education at the Eindhoven University of Technology with a master in Industrial Design.  The expertise areas I want to focus on during my master are Technology and Realization and Math, Data and Computing. I believe that new methods of manufacturing are very promising to create a more sustainable future and a big part of all these technologies is that they are digitally driven. Having sufficient knowledge about this digital aspect is thus very important. For the first project in my master, I have a handshake with Lou Feijs to do the project in the Crafting Everyday Soft Things (CEST) squad. Technology and Realization and Math, Data, and Computing are both important topics within the CEST squad, combined with a very hands-on approach.

I want to continue with the printer I built during Project 3 to develop it into a 3D printer that can work with a large number of viscous materials. Together with another student, I started to think about the possibilities to make a 3D printer that can print with three different types of food paste, maybe more in the future, and mix the three different pastes together to play with shape and texture. The printer I built previously will form a nice basis for this project as it involved mixing two component silicone in the printhead. Expanding this to allow for additional inputs and optimizing it to work with food, will be a nice challenge for the first project in the master.