The past semester I have been doing an internship at Better Future Factory in Rotterdam. Better Future Factory is a design studio that focuses on sustainability and turning waste into new products. During my internship, I wanted to gain more technical skills when it comes to production and going from concept to product. This is also what I have been doing for the most part in the past four months.

Working in a professional design studio was a new experience for me and this came with plusses and minuses. The amount of work that needs to be done is a lot, the pressure feels higher than at university. Part of this is because money needs to be made in order to keep the company going. I usually worked on two to three things at the same time, this is not very different from university, but the workload is higher.

The evaluation from my company coach is very positive. He describes that I have developed in a number of areas over the internship, ending with “Transforming from student to working professional.” This is a very pleasant evaluation to receive.
One of the topics I developed was a critical attitude towards my own work. I have always found it easier to judge someone else’s work as then I am able to view it in a holistic way. I have always found this harder to do for my own work. I have a tendency to work hastily. What I have learned during my internship is to take more time and work more relaxed and take some more time to reflect on my work and see how it can be improved.

When working on a project I instinctively solve problems from a technical point of view, I have done this as long as I can remember. Aesthetics always comes in second. This can mean that I get fixated on one particular solution, not looking further into other possibilities.

During the internship, most of the work I did was in the competency area of technology and realization. I made numerous CAD models and learned to turn them into technical drawings that could be used for production.

When making a manual for one of the machines in the Perpetual Plastic Project installation I put a lot of thought into making clear instructions for the users of the machine. One of the reasons I chose Better Future Factory to do my internship is because I believe sustainability it is a very important societal topic that needs a lot of attention.

I can see myself do similar work in the future as what I have done during my internship, I definitely want to continue in the field of sustainability. I have missed the interactive side of my study in the past months. This is an important realization for me as it can help as an indication of what I want to do after my bachelor. I hope to find a way to combine sustainability with interaction design in a meaningful way.

Due to copyright, I cannot openly share my internship report as it contains sensitive data from the internship company, Better Future Factory.