Myme helps couples on a first dinner date. The product provides the couple with personal questions that they can answer about themselves. These questions are based a paper by Aron, A. (1997). When both people agree with the others answer they can put their hands on the prototype and proceed to the next question. This action guides the couple into mimicking each other’s body language to provide an extra level of bonding.


A research project

Myme was created as a tool to research the effect of guided interaction and communication in order to see how this effaced the success of a first date. Four couples of people that did not previously know each other participated in first dinner dates. The dinners were recorded on video and all participants were interviewed afterward to see how they experienced the dinner.
From the gathered data we concluded that we were able to increase the level of mimicking between the participants thus creating a closer connection between them.

The Design

The Myme prototype consists of a circular body in which two LCD screens are located. The top is made of acrylic with laser engraved hands. The body sits on three legs, with on the bottom the Arduino and electronics. When pressure is applied on both of the engraved hands the next question is displayed on both displays.

Myme was built for the course Design < > Research, tough at the Department of Industrial Design ant the Eindhoven University of Technology.

In collaboration with: Eilis Kinsella - Kamilė Vaitkutė - Sander van Eck