• svgCategory:Research
  • svgCourse:MSc. Design project
  • svgImages by:Eva van der Born
  • svgExhidition:
    Innovatieve mode en slim textiel
    Jan 2020 - March 2020


Bio inspired procedural design

Coral is a design investigation into future fashion materials, e.g. bioplastics, and how they can be used in a colaborative design process between the material and the designer.

The collaboration in Coral happens between the designer and the material. During the project we discovered that trying to force the material into shape worked counter productive. By working with the material rather than against it, we were able to design with it and find the materials true potential. The result of Coral is a top, shown in the image above, designed from bioplastic and a neclace that was made using prodecural design software, the part in red.

The value of the project lies in rediscovering craftsmansip principles for research into future fashion materials. Both the bioplastic and the procedural design are regarded as materials in this sense. Both have a certain level of uncertianty baked in that requires the designer to embrace the will of the material in the design process. 

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