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Dynamic shoes concept​

Veasko is a concept for dynamic shoes. There is liquid in the sole of the shoe that is pushed into the upper with every step, animating and filling the shape on top of the show. The shoes should be made using Rapid Liquid Printing.

We explored a new way to fabricate hybrid shoes that can be, at least partially, built with rapid prototyping technologies. We used a combination of 3D printed silicone, fabric and molded shoe soles to create the shoes of the future.

We designed a shoe that incorporates pneumatic cavities (air pockets) that allow fluids (air or colored liquid) to flow when one steps into them. A pump in the sole of the shoe displaces the fluid into the upper cavity. These cavities were made by using baking paper between two layers of cured silicone, allowing us to incorporate any pattern or design we desire. In order to have the air pump sole and air pockets in the shoe upper as optimally manufactured as possible, we envision Rapid Liquid Printing will be an ideal method to 3D print these shoe uppers.

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